Is What I Talk About Really Hate Speech?

Recently I was accused of spouting hate and was told that some of my white friends were disengaging and separating from me because they simply could not be a part of hate.  Now I had to mull this over for a time because I really do value friendship and usually friendships require time and work before they actually sprout into what I consider to be real friendship.  And after I mulled over this I asked myself this question, what is more important: THE TRUTH?  Or Friendship That Disregards Fundamental Truths?  Then I started to break down the essence of what I talk about, what I live stream about and the issue of race in this country and worldwide.  The conclusion that I drew is telling and speaks volumes to just how deeply DENIAL has it’s claws buried so deeply in the hearts and minds of those who many times benefit from the very issues that speak about.

For example I found it very disturbing that none of these friends came to me directly to ask me in depth what I mean? Why my live stream videos are done in the manner that they are done?  What they could do to help?  It was never even acknowledged that the despicable acts that I talk about, that happen to Black People in this country, are even wrong.  To me the fact that they wouldn’t come talk to me about their issues with me, that I had to hear it from a third party, shows that the friendship was surface at best.  No real substance and no real depth.

Friendships tend to start and end quickly in this day and time and it’s at a much more rapid pace than it used to be.  But friendships between Black & White people sometimes are very tricky one’s to navigate because the white person is never going to know what it’s like to be Black and the black person is never going to know what it’s like to be White.  That means that real conversation must be had, real truths must be expressed and real understanding must be embraced.  If not both parties are fooling themselves and to try and not acknowledge or pretend that racism does not exist in this country as well as worldwide, that is doing a disservice to not only the friendship but also the people involved.

In the process of breaking down all this info I also had to take a deep look at the reasoning behind the resentment.  In this case it was titled “Hate Speech!”  So I went back through video footage that I have done and did a review.  I looked over some of the seminars and workshops that I’ve done and I asked myself the question: DID I LIE ABOUT ANY OF IT?  The resounding answer that came to me was NO!  The fact is no matter how I package my words someone is always going to find something offensive or some excuse as to why it’s not appropriate.  My response is simple, Racism against Black People is not appropriate.  White cops killing Black People and then walking, in many cases not even being prosecuted, is not appropriate.  Governments targeting Black Communities for genocide is not appropriate.  Black men filling the prison system and having to pay 1, 2 & $5 a minute to call home to their families while a corporation gets paid off the backs of the families misery, it’s not appropriate.  Handcuffing a 6 year old or 9 year old Black child for playing with a BB Gun is not appropriate. Killing a 12 year old Black Child in a park in Cleveland for playing with a BB Gun and the cop who shoots him not being prosecuted, that’s not appropriate.  And to add insult to injury, when that cop get’s fired because they say that he should not have been on the force in the first place, that is totally inappropriate.  For a  White kid to kill 9 Black parishioners at a Bible Study and then be taken out to Burger King after he’s caught is totally inappropriate.  To kill a Black Man by the name of Laquan McDonald and lie and say that he was walking towards you but the video footage shows he was walking away is totally inappropriate.  To slam a 14 year old girl to the ground at a pool party, when you are a grown man, that’s not appropriate.  To leave a man laying in the street for hours after you’ve killed him, so that you can send a message to theBlack Community, that’s inappropriate.  To gentrify a community and displace the people who have lived there for years simply because you are white and you want that community and feel as though your money can buy anything, that’s inappropriate.  To rob indigenous people of their resources simply so that you can monopolize them and then leave those people starving, that’s not only inappropriate but a wicked sin.  I could go on and on but I think that you get the point.

The truth is never wrapped in that nice package that people want, especially when those people never want the truth revealed in the first place.  So I make no apologies for showing what others try so hard to blind themselves from.  And quite honestly, it’s a part of standing up and telling the truth and I wouldn’t change it for anything!


Yarima Karama

2 thoughts on “Is What I Talk About Really Hate Speech?

  1. People who want to align themselves with the truth have very few but very close and important friends. Enough said.

  2. Well said my brother I guess if the word hate could be used to describe anything then they should look at their ancestors and the same way that you are taking a stand for the black community by exposing acknowledging And discussing the many issues then have gone on for far too long is the same way that they need to fess up to the responsibility of their ancestors who have been our oppressors and still are so in essence they’re not supposed to feel comfortable when you are talking about true issues that effect all of us black and white but just like anything else just like I passed everything always wants to be swept under the rug and usually the one that keeps the broom in their hand so that nothing can be swept under the rug and it can be slipped into the middle of the floor so they can be seen usually are the ones that get the backlash and you my brother other one holding the broom because you keep sweeping the dust in the dirt and everything that they want to push under the rug right back out and like you say until this is dealt with until there his peace along with reparation along with admitting responsibility but they never wanna own up to happens then we should continue the dialogue that is most important to our past present and future keep up the awesome work brother because I’m with you when you right

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