There Will Be Wars and Rumors of Wars! Right Now We’re In War!

There has been a trend happening over the course of the last 10 years and if people haven’t been paying attention then they will be lost when it comes to recognizing it.  There has been a change in the way policing and military operates, not just in the U.S. but worldwide.  There is a clear agenda in place and it is not for the good of the people in any region of the world.  There have been rumors that the very wealthy in the world have a plan to depopulate planet earth and put chipping devices in people as a form of conformity.  Most people believe these are nothing other than rumors or conspiracy theories, but when we look around and see the mayhem taking place worldwide, we would be ignorant if we didn’t delve into these claims deeper, if for no other reason than to disclaim them as the ‘conspiracy theories’ many believe them to be.

Police are killing people right out, with no hesitation.  Many police departments in the country are now equipped with military gear and the people should be asking why?  What are they preparing for?  Why would these police divisions be wearing and using military gear and equipment on U.S. soil?  Even more so, why are some departments now training with foreign military agents here on U.S. soil?  And why isn’t the corporate run media not reporting these things when it is their job to report it?  Then when they do report it it is done in such as way as not to be something we should worry about.  The message that they send is basically, “This is the way that it’s going to be so the people need to just get used to it.”  Really?

What I do know is that if we do not start taking these claims seriously then we will not take the necessary precautions for our salvation.  No one is holding the government accountable and they are playing us all like pawns.  We should be asking why Walmarts worldwide are closing down with the excuses being plumbing problems yet they have told their employees that they would not be coming back to work?  What purpose does FEMA really serve for the victims of natural disasters?  We can’t continue to stand by and allow the government to betray us because that is exactly what they are doing and have been doing.  We better wake up, all of us, before we are sitting once again in the deep bowels of a new age slave plantation wondering how we allowed it to happen.


Yarima Karama

One thought on “There Will Be Wars and Rumors of Wars! Right Now We’re In War!

  1. Well I have read everything you write you inspirational to me.and other mix breeds I look till sun comes out.again my friend.I’m a real warriors and love this land as my ansectors did before me.I’m a native of the America’s most just push me to the side till truths to power.never lied or cheating as a friend don’t steal .I myself been behind the so-called walls many time many years lost because. I did not know how this works. So as I say to your white friends. I’m a professional to the melinated people who have been trying since the beginning to end suffering. If only I could sit down get a better understanding I’m not the guy I know anymore and sucks because trying to wake up and get hit with the kitchen sink is leaking out my head I’m the biggest fan of you soon as we LinkedIn and.. I was attacked by my own family members are welcome to see what a white Buffalo looking like today that’s me.both my grandparents where ..well gram’s was a free woman called Indians. And granddad’s off the slave ships in Virginia where my family still is..I stood in Massachusetts and the rest is history. I need intelligence and knowledge in this message because I don’t like the word on hits as others don’t like black so that is first off.or troll lmfao.yarima has been fighting alongside in this truth to power.its a movement and a full time job.but loving my personal opinion and I’m the owner of anything Melinatedcommunication©®™…first n last out.look deeper than just skin deep.I’m not allowed to talk to u on any tube anything else.. Means the enemy’s we don’t see are what’s bring the lights on and…. Send me love…as I send it to my brother I’m not he has not white looking guy in my family.. My dad was a bit of a stranger to hard to get information on your him.besides hate for r White’s that uneducated guess is that’s why I look white he had blue eyes and blond hair.. But herd hes a half that’s my story. I figured out how perception is that goes up..but spirit is not.. So..I’ll continued support of me he’s worth it but if I said anything about anything they cut my pages.what good is teacher no students… Death before dishonor. Real natives ..getting weaker..wake the future and hopefully we will have some questions for you as free gift. For example.. People want money from marketing and sales… But don’t know how to option for the use. And talking black or white.. Well White’s are you still….real natives don’t stay apologize for any damage arising from this group send email notifications please. Phreemipeeps@ Gmail. Com..and I can’t watch u live ..mabe you and Willie Dee should talk I know millions when I see we build as they build but the problem is comprised….. Wampanog tribe cheif of my units. Hixx

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