1). How Do I Subscribe For the Morning Coffee?

Answer: The system is actually quite easy to navigate. You simply pick the subscription that best suits you, either the monthly or the yearly subscription. The system will then allow you to make your payment either through PayPal or regular Credit Card. After that it will lead you to Login/Register page where you set up your Username and Password. Make sure you check the robot and then click login and it’s that simple.

2). When I Order Items From Your Store, How Long Before I Receive them?

Answer: Your items will normally be shipped out the same day that your order is received, except of course on Sunday. Since we have no control over the mail service once your item is shipped out we will send you a tracking number letting you know the date your items were shipped and the approximate arrival date.

3). Where Can Your Booking Fees Be Found?

Answer: If you decide to book Yarima Karama for a speaking engagement, poetry or hip hop performance you must go to bookings@yarimakarama.com and the booking fees will be addressed there once it is determined what type of engagement you are requesting.