Morning Coffee: Of Course Black Rappers Aren’t Protected By The First Amendment

Morning Coffee: If You’re Sleeping White, Do You Know Where They Slept Before You?

If Making It In The Industry Means This Then You’re Better Off Broke!

#RLRT News: 84 People Rescued, 120 Human Traffickers Arrested, but That’s Still Not Enough!

You’re Gonna See Some Things That’ll Just Make You Shake Your Head!

The self hate amongst many within the melanated/black community is real and tragic in the sense that we are such a beautiful people but many times we fail to see the beauty that lies within each of us. ¬†We are quick to castigate and pass judgement on others within our melanated/black community, it’s a shame
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Food For Your Soul Sunday – 10/22/2017

Where Men Are Concerned, This Is Getting Scary


Food For Your Soul Sunday – 10/15/2017