You’re Gonna See Some Things That’ll Just Make You Shake Your Head!

The self hate amongst many within the melanated/black community is real and tragic in the sense that we are such a beautiful people but many times we fail to see the beauty that lies within each of us.  We are quick to castigate and pass judgement on others within our melanated/black community, it’s a shame and although it’s origins can be directly traced back to the annals of slavery, specifically Willie Lynch, many today don’t even know our history well enough to even recognize where the self hate evolves from, therefore there is never enough thought put into overcoming or conquering this painful endemic.

So in this segment we see two different scenarios where self hate has dug it’s claws deep into the very fabric of our existence.  In one scene you see a beautiful black woman who has not only allowed a boy child to put his hands on her but this boy child whom she has a child with isn’t even worthy to hold her shoes let alone have a child with her.  This young boy child appears to have an education level that doesn’t go past the third grade and yet he calls her nigger and blackens her eye and she can’t seem to understand why.  From the look of  things, we can surmise that this isn’t the first time this has happened and probably won’t be the last, but she ran from black men in order to have a better life and instead gets this.

In the next scene you literally have black women calling for another black woman to be disrespected by a white man so that black women are not left of out of the disrespect field as it is put in the video.  When has it been okay for black women to be disrespected by white men?  Or maybe this is something I missed along the way!

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